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Florida Group Pic

Nice pic! I hope you all had lots of fun out there!

I was waiting for someone to pick me up and take me to the party.. But it didn't happen.. :roll:


-bZ- Member
i would have pitched in for your ticket queen next year baby be there trust me it was all that and a bag a chips


CHIEF_WarPath said:
can someone put text over everyone so we know who they are?
if you have a facebook page, this photo is on somebodies (I think pee daddy's) with just about everybody tagged.

my facebook is Cuba LordOfTheDance add me and i'll send you everybodies facepages, there are HUNDREDS of photos up on that. Lots of them are tagged with who is who in them.


i just sent him a friends suggestion with all bz guys, if ya'll see a guy named adam.... that's him!