Going to do a Banzore themed Photoshoot!


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Since everyone is spread out. I was thinking of taking some Banzore swag and using some great friends and/or other models to do a photoshoot that shows off some Banzore swag. Throw me out some ideas for the photoshoot and if its fun I'll work it into the shoot. I will make it clear that I have the rights to the image so that we can edit and re-use them as I need. And who doesnt appreciate artistic great photos of half/full naked women? Especially with Banzore swag on. Drop any ideas you got below or in a group chat about just this and ill invite them and we can all work together to get some ideas flushed out!


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I need to work on coasters(I'm am behind) and would love some shirt ideas...

I know Bytor has been pumping out coasters as well..
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