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Hey all, a lot of you have already gotten to know me on Teamspeak or in-game, but I just thought I would post my intro in case you don't know me.




My name is Bryan, I am 41 years old and live in Idaho (soon to be Utah this Summer - yes I am religious and a Mormon, although at times I don't act like it...I SHOULD AT ALL TIMES - SORRY!).  I have 2 beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart, ages 13 and 17 and my oldest just joined the National Guard in North Dakota and will go to Basic Training this Summer....needless to say I am apprehensive and nervous for her but feel it will be a good learning experience in which I feel she really needs.  My wife is graduating college in a couple months and I am proud of her with all her hard work and effort the last 2 1/2 years.




Myself, I used to be a Police Officer (something I LOVED doing and wish I still was) but am currently unemployed and waiting to go to School myself this Summer in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Web Development and Design for my Bachelors Degree.  I am self-taught in Photoshop for the past 8 years, I am by far not a pro but I enjoy what I do and just recently started doing business card design with hopes to expand into other aspects of design (flyers, announcements, etc).  I have been an online gamer for 10+ years with my first experience being with Novalogic's Delta Force, Black Hawk Down and Joint Operations: Escalation Rising.  After that I started in Call Of Duty series with COD2 and worked up in the series from there.  After the shame of MW2 and the cheaters/hacks and every COD game since I have slowly migrated to other games (Battlefield 2, 3 and now 4, Medal Of Honor 2010, etc).  




I enjoy gaming with you all, I love watching movies and listening to music (I listen to dance, remixes, etc) and love watching American football.  I have been a big Dallas Cowboys fans since I was about 4 years old and I also like the Boise State Broncos, I generally don't follow much of any other sports teams but am not a total stranger the the basics.




Anything else you want to know, please just ask.  I do get in Teamspeak and have a "dry" sense of humor....so if I offend any of you please realize it isn't intentional as I am just kidding around.  IF I offend you I hope you will please let me know so I can correct myself and apologize if necessary.  I also tend to complain/rant in Teamspeak so if this also offends you I will remain out of Teamspeak for a while, but I am working on this aspect of my gaming experience to make it more enjoyable for everyone in channel.  All I ask is that if I am doing this, please remind me and I will quietly back out of Teamspeak to "cool-down" or relax a little.




I hope this gives you a little insight into who I am and what I am about.
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That was a colorful intro!  Welcome and hope to see you around.  I have a 6 month old baby, so I don't get on as much as I used to.  You will see me commanding every now and then though (on my iPad during my baby duty shifts.)


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I have a 2 year old a 3 week year old, plus I run my business out of my garage. I'm a pretty busy guy lately, but if you ever need anything, post something in these forums or send me a PM, and if I'm available, I will always help out.

Thanks for the intro, and I'm looking forward to having you in our club!