Long Time, No See


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Hey guy, Ridlee here!

Hope you're all doing great. Have been MIA for about 2 years now.. seems crazy. I'm sure there many of the old-time folks who've moved on and we've got the newbies. Not sure how well my desktop is going to work, but I'm way behind in all the new games especially the new BF. Who knows whats changed in PUBG since I last played -- they just released a second map when I took off the games to focus on my last year of college.

For those that remember me, I'm living in Northwest Florida now. Hurricanes suck, ....... and so do mortgages.

Anywho, I'll try to pass by on the forums a little more often -- but I'll ultimately end up trying to log on during the weekends. That's the goal at least... who knows if the desktop still even starts since. Haven't tried it since at least October 10th, 2018.


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welcome back Ridlee, jump in Teamspeak and catch up with everyone
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