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LongTrang's BF4 tips and tricks


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I've been playing BF4 for about nine years now and I'm finally at that point where I get accused of cheating because I'm actually good at a few things. LOL!

(Secret: I still suck at a lot of other things!)

So in no particular order here's some tips and tricks I use in the game and maybe some other folks can find something here to use to their advantage.

* When sniping I find it easiest to shoot the idiots who dance around a lot to avoid getting shot. They ALWAYS have a pattern to their bunny hopping and it's an easy thing to just shoot at where they will land next.

* When sniping always try to find a new spot where no one expects to find you. If someone finds you in that spot then move to another after you respawn.

* Feel free to kill pesky foes with the SUAV. They might call it lame but guess what? They're dead.

* Poison arrows are best used to deny the enemy a place to shoot from or to spawn from. You won't score many points with this weapon BUT you can help out your team by denying the enemy a great spawn point or shooting location.

* When confronted by a persistent foe or troll then mix it up. Change your kit or vehicle and use weapons they're not expecting. Like if you're sniping and you keep getting knifed by a dedicated anti-sniper then spawn in Support with the M249 and mow him down the next time he comes to you.

* When in AA always use the radar guided missile. The heat seeker only works at fairly close range and it's easily spoofed.
Best tactic I've adopted is to target an aircraft and fire ONE missile and then switch to guns while your missile reloads. Your target can be expected to fire off their chaff/flares and spoof your missile. Get some hits with the guns until the smoke puffs behind their aircraft stop. Now rip off two missiles and get the kill.
This same tactic applies when you're in a dogfight.

* When in a vehicle and you get attacked by an aircraft DO NOT back away from it! Drive at it! The pilot will have to pull up and this limits the damage they can inflict on you. Backing away increase the amount of time they have to get hits on you. Also, turn your turret around and you can often get a kill by shooting the aircraft as it slowly tries to recover from their attack run. You can often get a jet or helicopter kill with a tank shot this way.

* When sniping and you have nothing better to do then take pot shots at aircraft and vehicles as practice. Two things: Sometimes you get a kill shot on the pilot and that's awesome! Other thing is that even if you shoot a tank your shot is not wasted! It still causes some damage and that makes it easier for your team to kill that target. Sometimes you shoot the vehicle that is on the cusp of blowing up and you get a kill. Brace yourself for the whining after that!!!

* STAY DOWN. Don't profile yourself by standing on top of something and firing. Stay to the side of a rock, building, hill, or whatever. Always be aware that the easier you are to see the easier you are to kill.

* When in a tank/LAV and you're confronted by the enemy go straight at them! Ram them as you fire and when you hit them you can often tip them over so their guns can't hit you. Easy kill after that.

* When you spawn on a spawn beacon MOVE AWAY from it before you start firing and attracting attention. Otherwise the enemy will kill you and your spawn beacon...often with the same shot. Too many retards spawn on a well placed beacon and immediately start firing anti-tank weapons that tell everyone where you and your squadmates are. Don't be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.

* Mines. These are very tricky in hardcore and they are best used as close to the enemy base as possible to prevent teamkills. Best places to lay mines are on the blind side of a hill that the enemy vehicles will drive over because . Also be sure to use shadows and debris on the ground to hide your mines.

* Mines Part Two: Use mines like C4. Lay all three behind your target (like a camping AA) and then use a single rocket or grenade to set them off. The kill gets counted as coming from the rocket or grenade and your target will now waste time being OUTRAGED that you killed their precious vehicle with a single RPG or 'nade. That's always a great way to contribute to your team!

* False information: Russia and China do it so why can't you? Post things in the ALL chat about how you're at F when your team has NO ONE at F. That makes the stupid people break off from combat to go defend something that doesn't need to be defended.

* False information Part True: Lay mines and then tell people EXACTLY where you are. Then watch the magic happen! Always good for a laugh!

That's all I got. Hope it's useful to some of you!


LongTrang means "White Feather" and the handle is in memory of USMC Carlos Hathcock, the Marine who essentially invented the modern art of long range sniping.

See ya' on the killing fields!