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no more Peyton


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He needs to retire only because of his injury and get into coaching and calling plays like he does anyways this guy is canton bound

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Bring that broken necked bitch to Washington and let my G-Men finish the job on him. We'll send his bust to Canton early.
Peyton and Eli are good people. I wish him the best for the future.

Indianapolis has made a mistake...

(Oh, and Go Falcons!)


EmergencyNrse said:
Peyton and Eli are good people. I wish him the best for the future.Indianapolis has made a mistake...

(Oh, and Go Falcons!)
go falcons WITH PEYTON!

we could trade matty iceshit for an offensive lineman (omg and maybe a draft pick) and let peyton run this show!

indianapolis didn't make a mistake, it was the only decision they could make under the circumstances... sucks to have to make it but any other decision would have been criminal. You have to take the prospect and let the man with maybe 3 seasons left go. It sucks it turned out this way but that's just the way shit goes. You keep your aging stars and don't plan for the future and you are in for a good long while of being really really shitty.

peyton wins anyway in the long run, he can pick and choose where he wants to end up and finish with a contender and another shot at second or third ring that I don't think was going to happen with the Colts who are obviously retooling an aging roster.

Seems like everybody is butthurt about this one EXCEPT Peyton and Irsay... strange



only falcons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it sucks to because he would be FUCKING great here and I hate fucking Matt stupid ass Ryan, and we might be able to get something for him right now.


San Fran would probably be perfect. I think he needs a decent offensive line to be really good and for a team to get it's moneys worth out of him. Most teams with an offensive line have a pretty decent quarterback already (coincidence? i think not!.) Another team that could really use him in the same way the falcons could but they won't admit it either is Baltimore. They would be SCARY. Trade Flacco for some even younger defense pics... holy shit...

Falcons could actually trade Ryan for a draft pic and get manning and it might be like we were playing football again, although our offensive line would actually get him creamed.