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Mainly a question for @Punk @EZ Bawlin @Niconixx and others that play on our SE server.

In trying to keep the server running good, when you run a large mining ship with a sorter/discharge system for stone (or anything else) it lags the server due to spamming floating crap everywhere.

I found a couple of solutions to this. One is a very simple mod that's a block to simply delete the stone instead of turning it into waste on the ground:

The other is a bit more complex and will actually refine stone into very very very small amounts of all elements (titanium/uranium mainly) that normally can't be found on planets:

I wonder if we'd want to do the 2nd mod and be able to get trace amounts of these elements on planets, or if it'd make it too easy and negate the need/interest in going to space? We can always add it, try it, and remove it if it makes it too easy.

What do you guys think? I'll probably add the first mod either way for the sake of server performance and so I can run my big drill without tanking everyone's performance :p

I'm trying to keep our mod list small, and any mods we do add be for very basic usability things and performance/stability. We don't want to go hog wild with them for sure.
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