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Suspect mx_seim Aimbot/ESP/Mortar Cheat


5/24/2020 @ 1230.
Hardcore Metro/Locker/Pearl

New BF4 player, 15/1. Spectated what appears to be aimbot/ESP, and something else I've never seen before. Mortar cheat. He kills people that aren't on his mortar map. Could be just lucky, but watch at 1:42 as he quickly uses his 5 mortars, then immediately drops another mortar tube and launches two more mortars. No ammo bag to replenish it, and it would take far longer if there was one even there. He immediately left end of round, so I couldn't record another round.

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Definitely no aimbot in this video. ESP is debatable. His stats support the case against him though that he's definitely been dabbling with cheats and/or toggling.

Going to ban him and pass the evidence to the anti-cheat orgs.