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The Longest Trang you've ever seen!


-bZ- Member
Hey guys, LongTrang1 here! Been hanging around BZ #1 for the most part and I think I've been pretty active on the forums. Starting to get interested in other games as well.

I'm interested in joining simply because I'd like to be a bigger part of this group and it's in my nature to support the people I play with. I also think this is the best group of admins I've ever worked with over the years. No big egos kicking players just because a player is good at something or because they dare to kill an admin in-game. Very fair and very mature.

About myself, I'm a forensic specialist in information security for a state agency. Been doing IT since 1993 in one form or another and started migrating to a security path around 2001.

My gaming history is a number of versions of GTA, Far Cry, DooM (I still have my original floppies!)...

Oh yeah, I was into Medal of Honor and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and here's some fun trivia for those who still have both games: These two games use the same game engines and you can swap the weapons files between them! That means you can storm the beach at Normandy with a phaser and photon cannon and then you can kill Borg with a BAR! :p

I'm a long-time Battlefield addict and the only BF game I haven't played is Hardline. Everything else I've either downloaded or I still have on disk.

Thanks for entertaining my application and regardless of how the application turns out I appreciate being here!

Peter (aka LongTrang1)


-bZ- Member
So I've been playing BF4 since it came out and I just now looked at my stats.

The other day someone criticized me for making 'impossible' shots with the SRR-61 (sniper rifle).

Seems I've made over 12,500 kills with the SRR-61 which would explain why I've gotten kind of familiar with it.

I really need a life! :p