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Who's that again?


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Hey guys,

I was just talking with Josh about BanZore and i thought maybe i should let you all know im still alive. I know it's been kinda weird the way i drifted away from BZ. And i realized i never really thanked you all (at least the ones who remember me) for the geat times i had with you guys.

But yeh, like i said to Josh, i'm still dutch, and when i'm playing you guys are snoring.. (i swear i can sometimes hear it.) And when you guys are finally up, you go to work, do your thing and i sleep silently (really).

Lately i've not been into shooter games anymore, so i didnt feel into place in a clan for those games anymore. Still i miss playing CoD4 with you all, that was the best time!

So thanks you all (!!) for being a great bunch of people with a real american sence of humor (which maybe i couldnt handle to good in the start for those who remembered my silence after a joke i didnt know how to reply on (blushing behind my desktop when that happened i swear))

Whenever i start to play a game you guys support, i'm the first to get back here!

Take care all of you! Especially the ones that made me feel at home in BanZore! You guys rock!


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-bZ- Member
lil queen. i miss you sweetie. always had a good time with you.we will be here and your always welcome. keep rockin them tags girl.have a good one and hope all goes your way.