you kids


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I wouldn't worry yourself child. its not like I have the hardware I can jump in a game and raise so hell or even have the ability to join a server someone found interest in. which btw, isn't it better to throw a tantrum in game, then go out in public, raise a lot of hell if not kill all of hell or is this heaven, mus be heaven cause its Nevaeh (never for the slow) the same thing.

I miss messin with you kids, truly do. could always trade places with the son (me) of god as It's been directed at me by society all because I tried to fit into a severely stupid society filled with greed and inadequate solutions.

My motivation was battlefield, now that that's been revoked, the hell am I doing in your useless dream anymore


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a quick word of advice, if and when i take back mY THRONE
NONE OF this horse shit nonsense you dumb asses continue to abuse will exist
I Know my fate is NOT good being that I Hold both DOOMSDAY device and the NEXT engine being that of magnetics, Hitler held the knowledge, Nicola Tesla held the knowledge and guess what, I hold the knowledge. YOU could also take a very :LARGE guess and take note, I'm wrapped around earth's system tighter than a whore house on Sunday.
I'm DYING (Severed spinal cord is NOT pleasant, you try wobbling while you stand free)
Hold some freakin respect human or should I say alien taking advantage of the human body

And I refer to you all as KIDS due to your inability to comprehend free energy devices cost money to engineer as well develop and maintain.

I didn't come here to fly off the handle or be bullied to the point I fly off the handle. I get enough bullying outside on the streets. perhaps choose your words correctly and I might do the same


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I would suggest you refrain from insulting members in this space if you wish to retain your right to be here. But yes we do have a Discord, teamspeak is our primary domain though.


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thank you, all I was askin was for the discord server so I could be instructed as to my next move. I'm completely lost out here, no order, the use and abuse is insane and their mental capacity baffles my mind.
who's really the crazy one? I hold serious profound knowledge of magnetic levitation, e.g. ufo technology, alien technology, the stuff that makes life perfect technology
All I'm looking for is guidance, all I have ever asked was\is guidance.
between the spinal cord damage and a serious lack of knowing what the hell happened to my DELTA, I'm beginning to think and believe I have no face as it was blown off when the father figure shot me in the back of the head as I was running away from it.

I have the freakin mark of the beast, I've been told I'd god by medical personnel, literally see and feel things most humans cannot fathom.
If I am him, then what, what and where do we go from my passing to my return? Look, I'm special, I know it. that's the hardest part of being me, knowing things can change before the algorithm the blink of the eye.

My life is THE CHALLENGE and according to the C.I.A. they lost 77 operatives last year doing what I choose to do, for some sticky reason I keep falling back to the ones that treated me with THE Most RESPECT

I apologize if I seem a bit sketchy, its the path I choose


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I got the Tin Foil Hat Dogtag once, does that help?

speaking of tinfoil, is EA/DICE Gonna release a map/mod editor for the current BFV? or is that just a sad little dream of mine too???


Bald fat guy.
Don't you remember the guy with the cat profile pic that wanted to rent a server for us or some shit like that? He trailed off a bit just like this. I don't remember his name though...
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