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  1. Requiem Of Echo

    Why do I keep getting kicked by punk-something???

    IDK what I'm doing wrong. I have a ping that is a constant 23, never over 40. So I don't lag. I've been using m4 carbine trying to unlock attachment and I repeatedly keep getting kicked. I played at lot of this great game back in the day. I'm now playing on PC for the player pop. I don't even...
  2. BeastlyMussel61

    Help with voip

    BF4 won't detect my mic for voip, what do?
  3. KratingDaang

    Weird ping bug

    So when I join literally any game my ping will go from normal to 999 after a few minutes. But the thing is I can play just fine. So obviously my actual ping is fine and just the number showing on the scoreboard is bugged. I have already tried reinstalling the game, clean installing windows...
  4. goonan

    please cancel my donations

    i need to cancel the monthly recurring payments
  5. B

    I Keep Getting kicked

    Could someone send me a detailed kick message for me? I live in the western US, i don't have a VPN, and my ping is usually 50-60
  6. B

    No ping fix/help?

    I have no ping on the severs unintentionally, I live on a college campus in the dorms and I believe that network is set up block pings coming in from outside. I'm not lagging around the map, and the ping that I get is usually very solid(shown below). I have tried to re install the game and...
  7. SquarePanties

    Intel i5 or i7

    Having a big issue here wether I should get i5-8600k, i7-8700, or i7-8700k. I don’t plan on overclocking my cpu so I don’t know if I the K for i7 is worth it but if you could help me on this is basically the last thing I’m deciding on before I build my pc... Btw i5K-$237 i7-$298 i7K-$348
  8. SquarePanties

    Building my first computer and need opinions

    So I’m building my first computer it’s for my senior project and will be using to game with y’all again. If you all will tell me what to change or keep it would be nice. I have a budget of 2500 can go over a bit but not to much. So just give me your straight opinion whether it’s straight garbage...

    Trying to get Stream Off the Ground

    So just a heads up to anyone that does not know me I'm DREAMAZING been here for about a month or so now and still new to the group. After talking with Jackson and Hawx some I found out that I'm probably the only full time streamer in BanZore ATM. So after some planning and getting everything...
  10. Billybong

    HomePage Help

    I need everyone that has a brain and a keyboard to help reply with some feedback for this topic thread. We recently just updated the website infrastructure back end. With that upgrade we lost the current customization we had setup.... With all this change I ask one simple...