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Can someone help me?

Just started donating $5 a month to enjoy the "VIP" benefits of no line waiting, no kicking to make room for VIPs, and no balancing... I'm having trouble with these issues :( ***edit*** thank you guys for all the help :) I think I'm good now
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I don't handle the money aspects of bZ, but maybe I can help... What exactly are you having issues with?
I just don't want to wait in line and also don't want to be "kicked" to make room for VIPs. That's all lol I don't want much in life
Noone is ever kicked for VIPs. The way the VIP works is that you're placed in an expedited queue so that you're the first to jump in. The vip queue supercedes both the normal and premium battlefield queues. So essentially what it does is make you next to join no matter what unless a previous vip has entered the VIP queue before you.