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Hello (:


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I guess this is a little late, but it's better late than never right? My IGN is Crazzyry (you can call me crazy, or Ryley) and I am from the Toronto, Ontario area. I'm currently a dual masters student obtaining a masters of architecture and a masters of urban design, with 5 semesters left (almost there!). I play mostly on server #2, and hope to see yall in game.

Quick question: Is there a BZ platoon that I can get an invite to in order to rep the tags?


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when you submit an application, you're welcome to sport the -bZr- recruit tag for a 2 week probationary period. After the 2 weeks, if you are fortunate enough to lose the recruit status, then you can do the -bZ- tag as a full member.

One of the criteria we use for determining an applicants accept/deny is how much they participate not inly in-game, but in Discord as well. By doing this, it allows all our members a chance to get to know you and you to know us, and ultimately to determine if you're a good fit into the community.


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We pretty much did away with the bzr tag. There's a platoon for it somewhere but no one knows where it went.

Submit an app, hang out in discord, get to know us, and then if everyone votes you in you can sport the real bz tags