R.O.E - Ring Of Elysium


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Hey guys and gals.

This is the day us R.O.E players have been waiting for. R.O.E unlocks in 5 hours on Steam!
For anyone who doesn't know what R.O.E is, its pretty much like PubG but better I think and the best part about it is it's FREE downloadable game.
Get your guns ready and lets win those Egg Roll dinners. lol..


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Played it for about an hour tonight. I think that while the game is similar to PUBG, it plays different. A lot faster paced. Smaller map. More options for transportation.


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installed it and configured the keys to play it... however, they still haven't implemented Invert Y axis yet (or at least I couldn't find it)... so I won't be playing it until they do... I'm too stuck in my ways from the olden days to go with standard y axis.


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It's a solid game. Much less of a faggot game than PUBG garbage. The engine is 100000x smoother. Not quite as crisp as BF4 but nowhere near like PUBG/Arma.

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just like the rest of the game... spending more time adding bs skins than fixing real issues... in a couple months I think this game will be pretty much abandoned by most people
Especially with Apex Legends out.
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