Who uses Photo Shop??


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Hey guys and community. Who uses photo shop and and can photo shop a picture for me? I would like to have all the white edging removed from this picture and just have only the skull with the name BanZore still attached! If anyone can do this for please get to back to me. It's greatly appreciated.



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General of BanZore
Guys I would like to make coasters and stickers...
What image should we be using for these new products??

The plan is to make them both free and just pay for the shipping.

Also would like to get more beanies and hats made as well.


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I can also 3D print the coasters if you want... just need the image (3D if possible, if not I'll need to make it into one)


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Billy... I can 3D print, not silkscreen print.

Like this... this is a coffee coaster that I printed (not my photo) of the caffeine molecule

So imagine the BanZore logo or whatever 3D printed as a coaster for your coffee, beer, rum, etc.


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Why not just use Imgur? You can set the privacy and only share the images by direct links. Even a Google account and its Photos service (Drive) would work and has same control and more - keep the folder link in the bZ only section or share each image directly.
I keep all my designs and cad projects on the cloud. My cousin had a print shop that I did a lot of the designs for, saved to the cloud and gave him the folder link.
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