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Complaint Handled Complaint from tusk2112 about player NubTank


New Member
Who are you reporting? NubTank

Date of incident Jul 29, 2020

Which server were you on? bZ#1

Describe the incident Baserape - Attempted Vehicle Steal From Uncap


Because MVP are so bush league in their tactics I could see on the map that NubTank was going to sit behind my spawn and try and ambush me. So I decided to wait and see if he'd baserape, as you can see at the 1:31 point one of his squad drops out to try and steal the helo/baserape.


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I don't see any base-raping happening here. He didn't fire on you until after you fired at him, which is why this isn't base rape. Honestly in his position I probably would've faltered and fired sooner so I commend his restraint.

Vehicle theft is permitted by the rules at https://banzore.com/forums/threads/bf4-server-rules-2020.6732/

Stealing vehicles from the enemy uncap is allowed, however you're not allowed to defend yourself while in their uncap.